Most Holy Trinity Parish - Loay


Quoting the Historical Marker from Diego Cera Organ Builders on the organ case:

"This Spanish-style church pipe organ, presumably built with the help of local artisans using local

wood and timber, retained its uniqueness and artistry among other pipe organs constructed around

the area during the same period. Buidt in 1841, the instrument was in use even after the 1945 liberation


However, vital metal pipes, particularly the numerous lead pipes, were subsequently pilfered and for

a few decades thereafter the organ was abandoned and in disrepair.

Former Congressman Isodro C. Zarraga of the third district of Bohol (1987 - 1998) initiated the

restoration of the organ in 1997, with his congressional funds mainly, the Countrywide Development

Funds, amounting to some Two Million One Hundred Pesos. Restoration of the organ was done in about

two year's time by Messgrs. Edgar A. Montiano and Cealwyn S. Tagle of Diego Cera Organ Builders."

Typical for this instrument is the absence of a Corneta in the discant, and the impressive pedal with the

Bombarde 16' which adds a lot to the "gravity" of the instrument, for example in hymn playing.








Clarin Clara 2'

Clarin Geyeta 4'

Flautado Mayor 8'

Octava 4'

Dosena 2 2/3'

Quinsena 2'

Nasarre 2h

Lleno 3h

Tapado 8'




Trompa Real 8'

Clarin Campana 8'

Flautado 16'

Octava 8'

Quinsena 4'

Ventidosena 2'

Lleno 4h

Trabesera 8'

Biolon 8'





Bombarda 16'

Contra de 13 (8’ always on)