The pipe organ of Argao, though today no longer useable, is estimated by many historians to have been built between the 17th to the 19th century. It is a great possibility that Argawanons took a great part in building their pipe organ along with Spanish or Mexican Organ-builders. According to the study done by Mr. Hans Gerd Klais of Johannes Klais Orgelbau of Bonn, Germany, who published his research in one of the volumes of Acta Organologica, as late as 1977 the organ was still in good condition. Professional organ makers describe Argao’s organ as having “windchests constructed from a massive solid wood. Channels were patiently carved out of the massive Narra wood. There are two windchest blocks connected by lead tubes to accommodate all the stops. It has some similarities with the casework of the pipe organ of San Agustin in Manila. Three round towers with the biggest in the middle. Three towers are separated with flat field of pipes. Also, it has white naturals and black sharps of ebony wood and toe pedals, and has a wedge bellow with 4 folds supplied by a 1 fold wedge pump bellow.” There is a striking similarity with instruments from Bohol, which suggest that the same builder was active in the construction. Argao is along the coast the closest to Bohol...


Disposition (published by Klais)


Bass (C - c1 )


Flauta Violon 8'

Lleno 3 ranks

Quincena 1'

Diocena 1 1/2'

Octava 2'

Flauta Mayor 4'

Trompa Real 8' (inside)

Bajoncillo 4' (chamade)

Clarin 2' (chamade)


Discant (cs1 - f3 )


Flauta Violon 16'

Lleno 3 ranks

Docena (doble) 2 2/3'

Corneta Magna 5 ranks

Octava doble 4'

Flauta doble 8'

Flauta mayor 8'

Trompa Real 16' (chamade)

Clarin claro 8' (chamade)

Clarin camp. 8' (chamade)




Contra 8'


Tambor 2 ranks




One remark: the pictures don't seem to suggest a case that contains 16' in the discant, neither a 16' reed en chamade. I think the

more realistic discant disposition is the following:


Discant (cs1 - f3 )


Flauta Violon 8'

Lleno 3 ranks

Docena (doble) 2 2/3'

Corneta Magna 5 ranks

Octava doble 2'

Flauta doble 4'

Flauta mayor 4'

Trompa Real 8' (chamade)

Clarin claro 4' (chamade)

Clarin camp. 4' (chamade)