St. Scholastica College - Malate, Manila


The St. Scholastica’s College pipe organ was built in 1969 by Wagenbach Orgelbau (Limburg-Lahn, Germany) based on the specifications and stoplist made by Fr. Herman Schablitzki SVD.  It was installed by Marciano Jacela who completed the work in February 18, 1971 when the organ came in 15 crates January 23, 1971.  Other organs built by Wagenbach are the pipe organ in the Christ the King Seminary Chapel along E. Rodriguez and the pipe organ in the Shrine of Agoo, La Union.

It has two manual keyboards with 56 keys each and a pedal keyboard with 32 keys.  The cone valve windchests of the pipe organ are controlled by electro-pneumatic note transmission. 

The organ stands on the left transept of the church occupying almost the entire area with the console in front of the case on an elevated platform.  Basically the organ case covers only the lower part of the organ where the bellows and the motor are placed while all the pipes standing on top of the chests are all exposed.  There are also no façade pipes to give some visual character to the instrument.  Based on the organ console specifications with the existing stop tabs and the kinds of pipes presently installed, the present installation is probably just the first part of the intended pipe organ.  A second phase was probably planned wherein the casework will be completed with façade pipes and a third manual will be installed together with some additional stops as well.  Unfortunately the pipe organ remained incomplete.






*Contrabass 16'
Subbass 16'
*Octavbass 8'
Gedecktbass 8'
*Choralbass 4'
Gedackt 4'
*Pedalmixture 2f
Echo Trumpet 16'
Echo Trumpet 8'
Echo Trumpet 4'




*Principal 8'
Spitzfloete 8'
Spitfloete celeste 8'
*Stopped Diapason 8'
Helles Principal 4'
*Octave 2'
Mixture 5r
Echo Trumpet 8'




Singend Gedackt 8'
Rohrflute 4'
Principal 2'
Siffloete 1 1/3'
Kleinmixture 3f




*Viola 8'
*Viola Celeste '
*Harfen Principal 4'
*French Oboe 8'
*Vox Humana 8'


* = stop reserved in the console, but still to be completed