St. John the Baptist - Jimenez, Misamis Occidental


The pipe organ was acquired in 1894 as the crowning piece of the entire parish-church building that started in 1859.  It is an instrument completely made in Spain by the notable organ-building family (brothers Juan and Manuel Roque) of Roques Hermanos Constructores in Zaragoza, which has exported to the country some of their instruments from 1890 to 1910.   Other existing instruments of Roques Hermanos are in Garcia Hernandez in the island of Bohol and in the town of Bacong in Negros Oriental which were installed also in the year 1894.

The instrument remained intact but was damaged by termites.  Efforts were made to restore the organ in 1977 by the local people but the work proved to be short-lived and incomplete.

Through the efforts of the Parish headed by Fr. Mario Magcanam, a restoration of the instrument was started in 2009.  With the church being declared as a National Cultural Treasure, financial help from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) with strong backing from the National Museum completed the restoration in June 2011.


Flautado de 13   (8’)

Violon                     (8’)

Viola                       (8’)     

Celeste                   (8’ starts at c0)

Octava                   (4’)

Quincena               (2’)

Corneta 3r              (starts at c1)

Clarin*                    (8’)

Trompeta 4 pies      (4’)



*Foot lever to activate and de-activate the stop