Episcopal Cathedral Transept


The organ is the opus 501 year 1960 of the Belgian/Dutch organ company of B. Pels & Son both having their shops in Lier, Belgium and Alkmaar, Holland in that time.

The Transept organ with 14 stops is located at the left side of the church near the altar when facing it. The Organ is electro pneumatic in system using electromagnets and pouch valves in bringing the wind from the main reservoir to the pipes.  The Main Organ with 39 stops is on the choir gallery at the back of the church.  It has 16’ and 8’ Principal facades arranged in symmetrical patterns with a typical open case construction. 

The Console in the Transcept area has three manuals where both Transcept and Main Organ are playable.  With a total of 53 stops, the organ of St. Mary’s and St. John’s is considered as the second largest pipe organ in the Philippines.  Manual Keyboard compass is C-c4 and the Pedal Keyboard with compass C-g1 is in AGO norm, angular and concave.



Open Diapason 8’    Metal
Dulciana 8’    Metal
Stopped Diapason 8’    Wood
Octave 4’    Metal
Mixture III-IV    Metal

Salicional 8’    Metal
Rohrgedeckt 8’    Metal
Flute 4’    Metal
Nazard 2 2/3’    Metal
Octave 2’    Metal

Sub Bass 16’    Wood
Diapason 8’    Metal
Gedeckt 8’    Wood
Choralbass 4’    Metal
Other Features:    
Tremulant by Swell    
Couplers:  Swell to Great    
                      Great to Pedal    
                      Swell to Pedal