St, James the Greater Parish - Dapitan City


This organ was build by WALCKER and most probably

ordered during the stay of RIZAL in Dapitan.

Some texts on the Internet suggest that the organ "carries the date of 1827"

and was imported by the augustin recollects in 1968. There is no evidence whatsoever

in the OPUS-list of WALCKER for this. On the other hand an export to the Philippines

of a 4-stop organ is mentioned in 1892...




Prinzipal 8 Bass

Bourdon 8 Bass

Octav 4 Bass

Mixtur 2 2/3 3fach Bass




Prinzipal 8 Discant

Bourdon 8 Discant

Octav 4 Discant

Mixtur 2 2/3 3fach Discant