San Sebastian Cathedral, Lipa City, Batanges


San Sebastian Cathedral known to the Lipeños as “katedral” is located at C. M. Recto or in the main roads of the town proper. The Cathedral was built in honor of St. Sebastian.

The Augustinians governed the Lipa Parish from 1605 to the closing stages of the 19th century. Lipa was previously on the Coast of Bonbon Lake and was devastated by the explosion of Taal Volcano in 1754. The church was rebuilt at its present location and was reconstructed under the direction of Rev. Benito Varas, OSA Parish Priest in 1865. Pope Pius X established the Diocese of Lipa in April 10, 1910.

Built in the Romanesque tradition, the cathedral building design used columns and arches in an upward and downward sequence, creating the effect of a shadow-and-light play. The hemispherical top of the church and bell tower has a complex decorative strip and arched stained-glass windows. The nave of the church is barrel vaulted and now decorated with modern chandeliers. Its ceiling is covered with religious paintings. The church also has a spiral stairway to the choir balcony.